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Iron Lamp from the early part of the 20th century. It has a long vertical handle which attaches to a short nail, which is in turn attached to a longer square and twisted, pointed nail. It contains a great deal of residue in the base.

Medium cardboard box made of stiff cardboard. It is from Paris and the inscription includes the name and address of the manufacture (A. LIÉBERT & CIE, 6, Rue de Londres. Paris), Telephone (No. 13078) and description of contents: “Plaques Sèches…

Small cigarette box made of stiff cardboard. The affixed label on the top is inscribed: “Maspero Frères Ltd, Cairo – Egypt, Cigarettes Egyptiennes” this is framed by lotus plants and a red and green Art Deco pattern. A broken paper seal inscribed…
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