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Glazed vessel with a central tubular spout that is perforated down through the base, possible candlestick. The interior of the vessel is covered with a green glaze, which also covers the upper exterior carinated walls and rim. The lower half of the…

Amphora jar stopper, probably Hellenistic and dated to the 3rd century BC. It is circular baked clay with a string-cut slightly footed base. It is wheel-made and a pale cream-buff, pinky-buff colour.

Roman lamps, derived from Hellenistic prototypes, are closed lamps which were typically topped with a concave disk. On one end lies the handle, and the other side features a spout, with an open mouth, where the wick sits. These types of lamps allow…

Roman lamps are a type of closed lamp, typically topped with concave disk. Derived from Hellenistic prototypes, these Roman closed lamps offer a number of advantages over open ones. They allow a better containment of oil, and have a more efficient…
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