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Small conical bowl likely from Iran. It is highly decorated with a clear glaze and painted in brown-red and cobalt blue scrolling designs in alternating panels on the interior. The exterior is covered in its totality in cobalt blue. The base is…

Medium bowl with glazed decoration on interior, in the form of red-brown and green splotches. The green glaze has been applied in streaks running in a centrifugal pattern out to the interior rim edge of the bowl and actually continuing over the…

The contents within the cigarette box, described as item #18, include 17 small fragments of green glass; 3 glazed ceramic fragments; and three unglazed baked clay sherds from ceramic vessels. Most of these pieces are probably medieval or later in…

Lower part of cylindrical cup with slightly footed base that is likely Medieval in date. The exterior decoration consists of a clear glassy, slightly prismatic glaze, and dark blue vegetable-like pattern, repeated in vertical panels on the body of…

Glazed vessel with a central tubular spout that is perforated down through the base, possible candlestick. The interior of the vessel is covered with a green glaze, which also covers the upper exterior carinated walls and rim. The lower half of the…

Green glazed closed vessel shaped like a teapot, with loop handle on one side, now broken off, and spout on the other. The rim is missing and there is a large hole in the base.

Lamp with a green-turquoise glaze, Medieval in date from either North Africa or Palestine. It is a small open lamp with a pinched spout that has evidence of burning and a long horizontal handle that is partially preserved.
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