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A number of small frit amulet/talisman beads have been strung together to form a necklace, and are stapled to the interior of the Parisian Box. The necklace consists of 88 assorted frit, metal and shell beads; 2 phallus amulets; 16 Wedjat eyes (Eyes…

This Egyptian amulet takes the form of a rabbit with longish ears, and its body in profile. A small hole has been drilled from one side of the head to the other below the ears. The image appears to have been carved out of a pale green stone, possibly…

This Egyptian amulet takes the form of an animal with upright ears and a prominent flat snout, two legs, and a kind of tang projecting out from the back. The material is some kind of metal, possibly iron or bronze. The amulet is 3.8 cm in height,
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