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The graduate student Digitization Project has created this website to allow everyone access to the artifacts which are currently held by the Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies Department at the University of British Columbia. We hope that this website enables the collection to be researched by our students and used as a teaching tool integrated into coursework.

The George Fuller Collection is the only collection which can currently be found on this website and accessed in the department. George Fuller’s father had been a diplomat in the Middle East in the 1930s. While in cities including Cairo, Jerusalem, and Baghdad, he purchased the objects in this collection from antiquities shops. George Fuller gave this collection to the department and Drs. Lisa Cooper and Hector Williams made an assessment of the objects.

As this website is completed you will find al of the information from the initial assessments, measurements, and references for further information under each item. In the future we would like to experiment with producing 3D images of the objects as well.

Please follow the Stone to Screen project’s work on their blog at, as well as the Epigraphic Squeeze digitization project on the Digital Initiatives website.


Recently Added Items

Egyptian Necklace


A number of small frit amulet/talisman beads have been strung together to form a necklace, and are stapled to the interior of the Parisian Box. The…

Egyptian Amulet (2)


This Egyptian amulet takes the form of a rabbit with longish ears, and its body in profile. A small hole has been drilled from one side of the head to…